Business development specialist

Column:Development Department Time:2019-04-17

First, the job description:

1, 2 years of experience in electronic parts procurement or finished product export, familiar with general trade and import and export business; work experience is preferred.

2, active enthusiasm, good business negotiation skills; rich business development skills, can complete sales tasks under greater pressure.

3, work attitude is correct, quick thinking, cheerful personality, and high work enthusiasm.

Second, the job requirements:

1. College degree or above, develop import and export agency business in the electronics industry.

2. Maintaining old customers, maintaining good relationships with them and establishing a customer information base.

3. Properly handle customer complaints, reduce and resolve unreasonable elements in the business development process, so as to facilitate the long-term development of the business; maintain good communication with customers and company financial personnel, master collection techniques, and ensure the smooth recovery of payment.

4. Complete the relevant statements and do a good job of monthly and annual summary work.

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